The Details


I decided my first “post” to be about a topic┬áthat is a cause for a┬árestless mind. Bare with me when I say how blind to detail our friends and companions have become. As I was leisurely sitting underneath this tree you see in my picture I came to the realization of the lost beauty of my new friend. This tree, who has probably seen more than any professor on my college campus sits innocently by the bulding my class lecture was being held in. Now this tree, very average and much like many other trees may have anticipated my being there underneath her leaves. As I tried to conjure up an excuse to force this guy, who was talking to me about another pointless snap chat story, to change the subject, this tree’s leaves moved in a way that immediately caught my attention. How did I have the audacity to take up her space and so blatantly ignore the sign she was sending me. Her leaves, her branches, her roots, and even her bark all suddenly came into focus. My friends’ voice was drowned out by the sudden rush of natural beauty that was entering my mind. I tend to experience these moments of pretentious clarity at random times during my days. During this specific obnoxiously poetic moment I took in the scene that I was in. I observed the green of my tree’s leaves, the thickness of her branches and the sway of her dance in the wind. She called to my mind one word… connectivity. Although this tree has been rooted and placed in this one specific spot next to my lecture hall I felt from her a sense of awareness. Next to this tree I felt inferior knowing she had this way of mutual communication with her surroundings. I noticed the perfect layout of her symmetry and the way she sheltered those smaller lives inside of her. The details of this tree proved to contain another world. A world that is hidden from the eyes of teenagers with cell phones blocking their mental vision. Hidden by the propaganda shown to us by our media and hidden by the desires these advertisements envoke. Why is a tree, who holds life, energy and spirit, so irrelevant to us? If something so beautiful and natural is taken for granted imagine the even smaller things that slip from our vision.